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Vertical Carousel Industrial from Randex International Ltd Plant Friend from DUAL TELEPROMOTION (CYPRUS) LTD Wheat flour for Bread from GAVDEO LIMITED Russian Vodka from POSITIVE PLUS LTD. FAMI HAIR GEL from ZX FAMI LTD
exhibition 4 Hair Styling product from Crazy Bull Hair Products LTD SOLAR COLLECTOR from Y.N.W. WORLD TRADING LTD 19" Wide LCD Monitor from HAVARDS ENTERPRISES (CYPRUS) LTD Rexroth Hydraulic Pumps from HYDROCARE INDUSTRIAL LTD Fuel Filters from DEMETRIADES HYDRAULICS LTD

1. GAVDEO LIMITED [Cyprus] T:357-22-030203
[Manufacturer HACCP ; ISO 9001:2000 ; ISO 9001:2008 ; QS-9000]
white refined sugar,wheat flour for bread,maize flour,soybean oil,maize yellow,sugar beet pulp pellets,wheat gluten,maize gluten 60% min,rapeseed oil

2. CYPROSOFT [Cyprus] T:357-99-556939
[Business Service]

3. RANDEX INTERNATIONAL LTD [Cyprus] T:357-25-870007
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004]
mobile shelving,rotary filing,vertical lift,vertical carousel industry,vertical carousel office

4. ANDYS MOTORS LTD [Cyprus] T:357-25-579380
[Business Service] rent a car

5. JOHN ALBIN KNITTING INDUSTRY LTD [Cyprus] T:357-99-666695
[Manufacturer, Other]
knitting machines

6. ADMOTION SYSTEMS (AMS) LTD [Cyprus] T:357-99-386642
[Agent, Distributor]
indoor advertising, graphic design, website design,

7. A & M CHANGI LTD [Cyprus] T:357-25-560987
[Trading Company]
mullet roe,grated avgotaraxo,crystal sea salt

8. STELLAKIS & NICOS AGAPIOU LTD. [Cyprus] T:357-22-667796
[Trading Company] we trade nikon digital cameras. hi-touch photo printers, panasonic and varta alkaline batteries, optical frames, single-use 35mm cameras

9. TERRA MITICA [Cyprus] T:357-99-666812
[Manufacturer HACCP] meat

10. ENVIROINDUSTRIALS [Cyprus] T:357-97-630485
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 14001:2004] mbm

11. EWORKS WSI CYPRUS [Cyprus] T:357-22-675747
[Business Service]
internet marketing,seo,ppc,e-commerce,e-crm

12. SOUMAKI BROTHERS LIMITED [Cyprus] T:357-99-322389

13. M.P. GREENTECH (CYPRUS) LTD [Cyprus] T:357-99-416571
[Manufacturer] rubber granules,rubber powder,steelcord

14. NOVALINK LTD [Cyprus] T:357-21-08237200
[Trading Company] steel, metals

15. METEXIM66 [Cyprus] T:357-99-082136
[Manufacturer] metal

16. NORECOM LTD [Cyprus] T:357-25-340400
[Trading Company] ferro alloy, steel products,

17. S.GEOTECHNICAL LABORATORIES [Cyprus] T:357-99-662140

18. PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGIES LTD [Cyprus] T:357-22-104400
[Trading Company] solar panels,grain commodities,cement,fuels,metal ores

19. MILA TRADING [Cyprus] T:00357-977-84029
[Trading Company]

20. DIGILAB TRADING [Cyprus] T:48-22-6637141
[Trading Company] cast & forged

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