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Ghibli R45 Coffee Roaster from coffee-tech engineering 10.0L ClassicPack Round Pail With T.E. from Darbox Ltd. Hot Selling Big Baled OCC Ps11 Waste Paper from Tal El Collection & Recycling Ltd Supersensor Fence Intrusion Detection from G-MAX SECURITY TECH LTD Beachwear Cover Ups from Rich Fashion
poultry farm in Africa from NILI METAL WORKS LTD Christmas glitter tattoo kit DIY temp tattoos from Y-BODY maya dress from IMAHOT DESIGN Massage Candle-Vanilla Lavender Patchouli from A.G.M. GROUP INTERNATIONAL LTD Make up set Waves from DANYA COSMETICS LTD

1. TEXT4U - TRANSLATION SERVICES [Israel] T:+972 (0)77-51-44055
[Service] text4u - translation services provides fast and cost effective professional translation services at high quality with competitive prices.

2. CONTROL APPLICATIONS (C.A.) LTD [Israel] T:972-3-6474998
control systems,power meters,energy meters,building automation,power factor controllers

3. DRIVESALES [Israel] T:972-54-3099795
[Business Service] telesales,telemarketing,personal introductions,public relations,fund raising

4. G-MAX SECURITY TECH LTD [Israel] T:972-8-8594664
[Manufacturer, Other]
integrated security systems - fence security syste,perimeter intrusion detection systems,cctv systems & video analytic,integrated cctv access control

5. RICH FASHION [Israel] T:972-50-3632555
beachwear,cover ups,pareos,skirts,dress

6. IMAHOT DESIGN [Israel] T:972-52-3494220
maternity clothes,nursing clothes,nursing bras

7. COFFEE-MARKET [Israel] T:972-9-7729202
[Distributor] coffee,ice coffee,choco,chai,ice blends

8. ARIEL SPICES [Israel] T:972-4-8341728
[Manufacturer, Agent] vanilla beans, spices, cocoa beans,

9. LEAD-IT BUSINESS INITIATIVES [Israel] T:972-54-7705045
[Agent] business development,international sales,consulting

10. MARIS DIAPER PRODUCTION LTD [Israel] T:972-4-9884401
diaper, napkin, tissue, baby diaper, nappy

11. A. G. S ISRAEL [Israel] T:972-52-2580527
[Other] other

12. A.G.M. GROUP INTERNATIONAL LTD [Israel] T:972-3-9093355
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
dead sea cosmetics products,scent products,handicraft clock,handicraft designed products

13. AVI LTD [Israel] T:972-54-4398143
[Trading Company]

14. NEGEV INDUSTRIAL MINERALS LTD [Israel] T:972-0777-350000
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
quick lime,hydrated lime

15. NANOFIX [Israel] T:972-54-2083625
[Trading Company]
keratin treatment

16. PSK TELLECOMMUNICATIONS LTD [Israel] T:972-8-9436154
[Trading Company]
safety harness,fall arrest systems,safety ropes,ppe,rope access education

17. COFFEE-TECH ENGINEERING [Israel] T:972-55-391141
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
coffee-roasting machines manufacturer

18. DEVINE LIMITED [Israel] T:972-543-974003
[Trading Company] diamond, diamonds, jewellery, jewelry, bracelate, necklace

19. UDM MARKETING [Israel] T:972-54-7890000

20. DARBOX LTD. [Israel] T:972-4-626-6777
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2000]
packaging design, packaging manufacture, packaging consultancy,

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