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Chain Link Statement Cuff Bracelet from Tariq Al-Dhain Trading & Construction Co ROUND STEEL BAR (Black) from ALFAID FACTORY Steam-Dry Iron from diala company All American Spray Foam Insulation from Alsammem Co.Ltd. Troy Fruit Juice from Tariq Al-Dhain Trading & Construction Co., Ltd.
Tesca Educational Labs and Equipments in IRAQ. from Haiman Trading Company biscuit from venus general trading company tricycle engine from sulaiman alfahd & sons export-import AKKO RECHARGABLE LED LIGHT from HASAN MAHFOZ TRADING CO Solar Street light from AL-FAYDH CORPORATION

1. HEMN GROUP [Iraq] T:964-750-7425238
[Manufacturer] water tanks made by using rotomolding process

2. SABAH PHOTO CO. LTD. [Iraq] T:964-1-8165267
[Trading Company] minilabs like noritsu, fujicolor film like kodak, konica, fujicolor paper roll glossy kodak, fuji, lucky 5 roll, 6 roll for minilabs

3. MMK TRADING [Iraq] T:964-7504-383708
[Trading Company] seeds

4. SOOR ALRIHAB [Iraq] T:964-79-02479891
[Trading Company]

5. AL HASANI GROUP CO. [Iraq] T:964-1-8831210
[Manufacturer] lead ingots,

6. PT.METALURINDO KARYATAMA [Iraq] T:964-3564-9087
[Agent, Distributor] metal, nonferrous, chemical, foundry

7. SAHAR FADHEL&CO ,BAGHDAD,IRAQ [Iraq] T:964-1-5310847
[Trading Company] crude oil

8. ALMADAALJADEED [Iraq] T:964-770-811803
[Buying Office] pharmaceutical chemicals, chemicals, costructions

9. LERA COMPANY [Iraq] T:964-066-2225090
[Trading Company] oil, cleaner, soap, olive, sugar

10. SUPER LERA [Iraq] T:964-066-2510091
[Trading Company] cleaner stuff, food stuff,

11. ALSHMEERI [Iraq] T:964-7902-322870
[Other] asd, sds, sad, asd, asdxcv, vdv, cvd, cxv, vd, df,

12. INTEGRATED SUPPLIES [Iraq] T:964-7901-385315
[Manufacturer, Agent ISO 9001:2000]

13. AL-AKHAWAIN PAINTS [Iraq] T:964-790-1905643

14. ALSAMMEM CO.LTD. [Iraq] T:964-1-8177547
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
clay bricks sundwch panels,insulations polyurethane residential and commercia,usa engines oil

[Trading Company] general trading company. ...

16. FADHEL ALI CHEMICAL CO.LTD. [Iraq] T:964-040-619986
[Manufacturer HACCP ISO 9001:2000] oil drilling,mea,dea,shmph,morpholine,acid,inorganic,all chemical type,lcm

17. NOHADRA AGENCIES TRADING CO. LTD. [Iraq] T:964-1717-0804
[Agent] no profile ...

18. AL EMAN GROUP CO. [Iraq] T:00964-1-7190638
[Trading Company]
chemicals, industerial machines, paint products, black oil, sulfur

19. SANGER CONTRACTING COMPANY [Iraq] T:964-1-77611707
[Trading Company]
detergents, sulphur, raw meterial

20. HAMUL AL MUSK TRADING COMPANY [Iraq] T:964-1-5433130
[Trading Company]
sulphur, sulphur from iraq, refined sulphur, fuel oil, fuel oil from iraq, noth and south, crude oil, crude oil from iraq, north and soth

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