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APRICOT KERNEL OIL from GREEN FIELDS OILFACTORY Halva from Al Qaria Al Arabia for Halawa & Tahina Production Charity Sand Bottles - Glass Crafts & Sand Art from BEGONIA FOR SAND ART Corona Wood Stain Solvent Born from JORDAN ENGLISH PAINTS CO. LTD. 15x6.5 sliver machine face alloy wheel from AL-SHABRANY TRADING CO.
DBF Skin Food Cream from ALEID UNIVERSAL PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG STORE Beef Bacon from Delicious Food Industries Co Ltd Sport C2 from NEAR EAST FOR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES holy set from White plastic Antique indian carpet made 1700's with presious stones from Win Star International & Karmush Investments

1. GREEN FIELDS OILFACTORY [Jordan] T:962-6-5355976
[Manufacturer HACCP]
cold pressed oils from seeds,essential oils,black seed oil,rucola oil,mustard oil,coconut oil,pomegranate seed oil,cardamom oil,cumin oil,rucola oil

2. AL-SHABRANY TRADING CO. [Jordan] T:86-546-6689578
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008 ; ISO 14001:2004 ; ISO/TS 16949]
car tire,truck tire,tires,alloy wheel,tyres

3. BAYT DEAD SEA PRODUCTS LLC [Jordan] T:962-6-5850936
skin care products,dead sea products,dead sea mud,dead sea salt,cosmetics

4. BEGONIA FOR SAND ART [Jordan] T:962-7-95879967
sand bottles,sand art bottles,sand crafts,handicrafts,glass sand bottle

5. NIHAD TRADING COMPANY [Jordan] T:962-79-7070227
[Trading Company] cosmetics,personal care products,sanitary napkin,medical needs

6. AL QSSOUS COMPANY FOR AGRICULTURE [Jordan] T:962-78-8609237
[Trading Company] flower seeds

tahini,tahina,sesame pasta,halva,halawa

8. EBN ALWARD TR. CO. [Jordan] T:962-79-5249042
[Manufacturer, Agent]
dental products,endodontic,orthodontic,instruments,burs

9. AHMAD JABER TOURS [Jordan] T:962-797-263151
[Agent] tours services,hotel reservations,guide services,car and bus rental,feedind services,assist and support

10. SGA-LIL, LLC. [Jordan] T:9626-533-3118
[Business Service]
web design,graphic design,web hosting,email shots,bulk sms

11. SUWWAN METALS TRADING [Jordan] T:962-79-5173317
stee billet,lead ingots,aluminum ingots

12. SAHAR INTERNATIONAL TRADE [Jordan] T:962-79-6302348
[Trading Company]

13. EZZAT AL JARABA & PARTNARS COMPANY [Jordan] T:962-79-9881848
[Manufacturer, Other ISO 9001:2000] deicing road salt,raw salt,table salt,cristyle salt,industerial salt

14. 4D DESIGN STUDIO [Jordan] T:962-655-26218
[Other] interior design,graphic design,web design,the ultimate design guide

15. FAWANEES FOR PLAY DOUGH AND CRAYONS [Jordan] T:962-6-5865690
playdough,crayons,fun to learn,smart dough

16. ABD AL-MAJEED AL JARABA'S CO. [Jordan] T:962-79-9881848
[Manufacturer] deicing road salt,table salt,industreial salt,crestal salt,raw salt

17. RAINFOREST FOR TRADING [Jordan] T:962-799-020718
[Trading Company] jp54,d2,legumes beans lentils,fertilizers pesticides,lubricants

18. SENATORE [Jordan] T:962-79-6867617
[Manufacturer, Agent]
coffee,ground coffee,black coffee

19. MIDPOINT CHEMICALS [Jordan] T:962-6-5561840
[Trading Company] chemicals,minerals,metals,commodoties,products

20. GREEN TECHNOLOGY GROUP JORDAN [Jordan] T:962-6-581 6426
[Manufacturer] fertilizers, animal feed, lanscaping, consulting,

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