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Electric Drills from MACHINERY Anti perspirant from JANA Design Industrial Machine from Tammuz Engineering Office SCS Diesel Genset from SACCAL ENTERPRISES SAL Shrink Wrap Film from INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (INDEVCO) SAL
9'' taxi advertisement player WiFi from Industrial technologies sal TABLE MOULDS from Kabalan International Group Off-shore Snacks from Bach Snacks Sal Silica Gel from Sedros s.a.r.l Adaptor plug from Lightrical Trading & Contracting Est.

1. SACCAL ENTERPRISES SAL [Lebanon] T:961-1-348080
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008]
generators,soundproof canopies,feul tanks

2. TAMMUZ ENGINEERING OFFICE [Lebanon] T:961-3-579959
design of steel storage tanks,steel structure design,steel structure design fabrication erection,design industrial machines,designproducts

3. JANA [Lebanon] T:961-6-435445
skin care, body lotion, intimate cleansing, sunblocks, whitening, sun tan oil, anti ageing, exfoliating, face cleanser, cream botox

4. SOCIETE FILS YOUSSEF DADOUR [Lebanon] T:961-1-892026
[Distributor] engineered stone, composite stone, quartz agglomerates

5. BLISS INITIATIVE [Lebanon] T:961-01-566927
[Business Service] web development,web consultancy,intranet portal development,e-service automation,comprehensive training and support,bliss portal platform

6. ZEE GROUP HOLDING LTD [Lebanon] T:961-3-009683
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] shoes bags,electronics

7. HAYEK JEWELLERY&WATCH [Lebanon] T:961-343332
[Manufacturer] watches, custom orders, designing, special made gifts,

8. MACHINERY [Lebanon] T:961-9-856220
[Trading Company]
coring, core, drill, machine

9. TOUZA STEEL [Lebanon] T:961-70-984695
[Trading Company]
copper coated strips,

10. OKMAMMA [Lebanon] T:961-3-998472
[Agent] titanium sponge,

11. HMV TRADING [Lebanon] T:961-1-897728
[Trading Company] aluminium ladders, aluminium scaffolding, steel scaffolding

12. NAKHLE ZGHEIB & CO SARL [Lebanon] T:961-09-851313
ready mix concrete,

13. FILTEX SARL [Lebanon] T:961-1-97 24 44
[Trading Company]
soda ash,dolomite,silicate,sulfate,silica sand,cullets,feldspar,shrink film,bentonite,pumice stone,gypsum,tankrom,plaster of paris,galvanized steel

14. HANNA SAYEGH & SONS [Lebanon] T:961-1-681235
[Manufacturer] carob seeds, pipe joint lubricant

15. PLASTI LAB [Lebanon] T:961-70-222232
petri dish, specimen containers, test tubes, blood collection tubes, micropipette tips, histology cassetes, medicine cups, paraffin gauze

16. MICHEL SABER [Lebanon] T:961-9-546540

17. MASA FOR TRADING [Lebanon] T:961-3-848252

18. KEMIATECH [Lebanon] T:961-3-284-680
pearlising agent for cosmetics and chemical additives in addition to water repellants, glycerine soap base, cream base.

19. SENTEURS D'ORIENT [Lebanon] T:961-1-689455
[Manufacturer] natural soap, bath salts, essential oils, gift items, shampoo, hair rinse, body oil

20. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT [Lebanon] T:961-3-723246
[Manufacturer] essential oils

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