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Olive Oil from Union Of Agricultural Work Committees Cucumber Pickles from Sinokrot Food Company Icon Olive wood Necklace from iseed company Virgin Olive Oil Soap from Majed Al Nabulsi Company fillet from Ajwad Ltd Co.
Diana Boots from shareefco Olive wooden crosess, handicraft, Jesus crosses from SALSAA HANDICRAFTS Dead Sea Mineral Soap from tatweer kids perfume from Amin TC jilbab islamic clothing from Shawar Al Tamimi Est.

1. SAID FACTORY [Palestine] T:970-2-2759483
olive wood crosses,olive wood rosaries,olive wood beads,olive wood necklaces,olive wood pendants

2. SWAN PARADISE CO. [Palestine] T:970-599-832108
[Other] hair cream, hear gel, body lotion

3. MAJED AL NABULSI COMPANY [Palestine] T:970-09-2370065
olive oil soap, liquid olive oil soap, 100% natural soap, gift soap, tradisional bar soap

4. AHMAD AL SHAKAA CO [Palestine] T:962-79-6666931
al jamal,

5. HELEN CHEMICAL COMPANY [Palestine] T:970-9-2311177
[Manufacturer] detergents, cosmetics

6. INJAZ TRADING [Palestine] T:970-08-2836399
[Agent] computer parts, lcd screen, usb flash and momery card, mose and keyboard, mb,

7. IDEAL PROJECTS COMPANY (IPC) [Palestine] T:970-2-240 7810
[Other] small financial system, tracking software, outsourcing,

8. WASTCO CO LTD [Palestine] T:972-8-2820263
[Trading Company] computer parts,shose,garlice

9. STC AL-SOGHIAR TELECOM&COMPUTERS CO., LTD. [Palestine] T:970-4-2505068

10. S&M TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS [Palestine] T:970-9-2393413
keyboard, mouse, speaker, headset, webcam,

11. OMIGA [Palestine] T:970-599-606703
[Trading Company] mobile,computer,food,accessories

12. MOHAMMED ALMASSRI CO [Palestine] T:970-8-2051515
[Trading Company ISO 9001:2000]
confectionery, candy, pasta, computers, electronics

13. DAALSA COMPANY [Palestine] T:970-599-492621
[Manufacturer HACCP SA8000] computer, engine

14. SUPERSTAR [Palestine] T:972-02-2963513
[Trading Company] coputers, accesories,

15. BORDRS [Palestine] T:970-059-9606639
[Trading Company] computer

16. BESAN [Palestine] T:970-02-2747503-5
[Trading Company] computer,laptop,camera

17. IT PARTNERS [Palestine] T:970-8-2839911
[Trading Company] toshiba laptops

18. ICTC TEAM [Palestine] T:970-02-0598233933
[Other] 0000,

19. HOLY LAND INDUSTRY [Palestine] T:970-09-2348989
[Manufacturer] shampoo,soap,cream

20. YASIN SABER& SON EST [Palestine] T:970-9-2373266
[Distributor] we are genral trade company ...

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