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SUGAR ICUMSA 45 from Matfield Compression Fittings from PETROTUBE COMPANY LTD Fiber glass bathroom from SUPER CABIN CO. diesel generator set from TOU RS ELECTRIC LTD Security BARRIERS from Empire
system coolers from Al-Mawred Computers & Electronics Wooden Box from W. AL-BAKER TRAD. EST. usb flash drive from EL-FAJER FOR COMPUTER Santana Non alcoholic Malt Drink from Qatar Provision Plastic Recycle Materials from Asima Plastic Factory

1. MATFIELD [Qatar] T:00-974-33920996
icumsa 45

2. 300 BOWLING PROSHOP [Qatar] T:974-557-06587
[Trading Company] bowling balls,bowling shoes,bowling bags,bowling accessories

3. QATAR BASIC INDUSTRIES [Qatar] T:974-587-7528
[Manufacturer, Agent] investors,partners,agents

4. QATAR ARABIAN UNION GROUP [Qatar] T:974-664-90806
business agent,international business representation services,government representation services,international banks representation services

5. AIM TRADING COMPANY LLC [Qatar] T:974-5568-3841
[Trading Company] rice,confectionary,chocolates,mineral water,tissue,beverages,fmcg goods,consumer goods

6. COPPER POINT LIMITED [Qatar] T:974-454-356778876
[Distributor] copper,aluminium,scrap

7. MS. MIK [Qatar] T:974-589-9162
[Agent] banding wire

8. ZAWRA TRADING CO. [Qatar] T:974-5803538
[Trading Company] copper cathodes,iron ore,sodium phosphate

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] innovation tech speaker,innovation tech pryer mats,iso preperation,warehousing layout,materials locations

10. ORBIT TRADING [Qatar] T:097-4-6674314
[Trading Company]
hms, lms, pipes, rods, cables, mixed scrab

11. AL MAJDA TRADING - BUHMAID GROUP [Qatar] T:974-318-9030
[Manufacturer] bentonite,all types of chemicals

12. RAQBI ROBOT CENTRE [Qatar] T:974-5-201690
camel jockey robot production,maintenance

13. AL-FALAQ PROFECT SUPPLIER [Qatar] T:974-5663627
[Trading Company] pvc, fire rated doors, pipe doubling, sanitary wares, porcelain tiles

14. ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY [Qatar] T:974-4-5837459
[Trading Company] caustic soda, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, mono sodium phosphate, tri sodium phosphate,

15. ARABNET [Qatar] T:974-4692453
[Trading Company] rubber,latex

16. AL ABEER [Qatar] T:974-464-2177
[Trading Company] natural rubber,masonary screed

17. AL-ARRAF GROUP [Qatar] T:974-974-5443219
[Manufacturer] hdpe, pp,

18. AL KHALEEJ PLASTIC INDUSTRY [Qatar] T:974-974-5838541
[Manufacturer] polyethylene, pvc pipes

19. EBAYTI CO. L. T. D. [Qatar] T:974-5825248
[Agent] electronic equipments, home accessories and decoration, computer items and peripherals, car accessories, office equipments,

20. BUSINESS DYNAMICS [Qatar] T:974-336-81225
[Business Service] web development,software

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